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Our Mission, Ethos and Values.


Connect, Create and Change.​

Rainial Studio brings creative solutions to empower brands with the media they need to realise their company’s full potential. 

Our goal is change the way people see and think about brands by creating emotions that follow their audiences through our visual and auditory storytelling. 


These are the values where we hold ourselves up to, that shape who we are together. It determines our conduct in professional and interpersonal situations. 

Unbounded Creativity

Our creativity knows no bounds; our community encourages everyone to think big, and then bigger; dive deep into how can we create better. Unbounded Creativity is what fuels our sense of passion for our work, and it allows us to find new ways of utilizing tools that we have, to create a masterpiece. Rainial's leadership does not prevent risk, but instead makes it safe for the team to take risks.

Being Conscientious

Rainial Studio fosters an efficient and clean space to work, and we look onto our spaces of work constantly, to ensure that everyone is able to do their jobs well, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable to put their best foot forward within our community. 

Uplifting Community

With an open channel of communication, any issues faced by any individual member is brought up to the entire team, and we'll always support each other's issues both in and outside of work. Everyone and anyone is able to raise issues to the team, and receive the right support as and when they need. 

Holding Accountability

Despite priding ourselves in our work and our work ethic, we will have problems that occur that have consequences. It is our responsibility to ensure that we correct our mistakes and make sure everyone is compensated fairly, both internally and externally from Rainial.

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