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02 Talent

Meet the geniuses behind the screens!

Creative Director / Founder

Ryan Tan

Hello! I spearhead projects and run things around this stretch. I also work on the IT side of the biz. Also currently working on this website. Also have another project that's open in premiere in the background as I type this.  

Project Manager / Editor

Ji Loong

Hello, I do both photo and video work but I mainly specialize in Portraits and Street works. Currently, I am assisting Ryan with video editing work mainly.

Head Photographer

Dante Tan

Hi, it’s nice to meet you ! My name is Dante. I’m the head photographer, and photography have been my passion ever since I first held a DSLR camera. I started my photography journey and since then, I would go around to take pictures during my free time. I have photographed numerous events and have been involved in wedding events.

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